Blakesburg holds annual Sweetheart Dinner

The Blakesburg community held its annual Sweetheart Dinner this Sunday Afternoon--its biggest fundraiser for the town's Corn Carnival Festival.

The carnival will be celebrating its 110th anniversary this year.

It serves essentially as the town's fall festival with food, vendors, carnival rides, and a parade.

It also provides community members a chance to catch up.

"Most everybody around here has been here generation after generation," said Halie Myers, Corn Carnival Vice-President. "And people that have moved out of the community come back. And you get to see people that you haven't seen in a while. So it's just a time for everybody to get together, have fun with families, and it's a good time."

Community members had a chance to discuss upcoming plans for the Corn Carnival at the Sweetheart Dinner.

The Carnival costs an estimated $20,000 to operate each year with 50 to 60 volunteers making the event possible.

The 2014 Corn Carnival will be held from September 12th to the 14th