Blakesburg needs a city council

Blakesburg residents have been without a full city council for a few weeks; and that has caused a few problems for the small southeast Iowa community.

On Saturday, the cafeteria at Eddyville-Blakesburg Elementary School was packed with concerned residents. Those gathered wanted to hear what was being done to fill the three vacant positions on the city council.

The three former city council members resigned for their own reasons.

Mayor Jason Myers, who was elected in November, reassured the crowd, that the city, in cooperation with the county, is working on getting an election organized so the city council can once again have a quorum. Without a quorum, the city cannot pay certain bills or finalize a budget.

Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker proposed to the crowd a timetable to help Blakesburg elect a council and certify a budget by March 15th.

"We are going to try to get everything, all the basics and get the budget worked out by the time the election comes. That way when it does happen, they can be sworn in and they can look over the budget, see what they all think, and hopefully get a hearing set," said Myers.

The election is set to be held on February 14th. Holding the election will cost the city more money, which some residents at the meeting Saturday were not pleased with.

Mayor Myers asked the crowd to just come together and move forward.