Blew convicted on animal abuse charges, second trial looms

Roger Blew, 45

The case of a Drakesville man facing animal cruelty charges is winding its way through the court system.

Online court records indicate that Roger Blew, 45, is scheduled to be arraigned on May 9 in a Davis County courtroom.

He faces 28 animal neglect charges in Davis County and an additional 10 charges from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Blew was charged after law enforcement raided his Drakesville home in late February.

Investigators found hundreds of animals, many dead or dying, crammed into the small house.

They were led to the home after a routine traffic stop in Ottumwa.

When Ottumwa Police pulled Blew's fan over on February 17, they found several animals inside.

Blew was convicted last week on four counts of animal cruelty as a result of that incident.

He was fined $250.00 on each count.

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