Block party to be held to re-open Kirksville park

The Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department is re-opening Jaycee Park with a block party.

The Kirksville Parks and Recreation Department is re-opening a city park in a big way.

Over the weekend the group held it's first block party of the summer at memorial park. It was a big success with a good turnout of 30 to 40 kids in attendance.

Now they are getting ready for the second block party at Jaycee Park. This one will be a summer olympic theme.

"I really wanted to do something where kids can get active and promote that. We're pairing with NEMO Heart Health so they're going to help us out with this one so it's really exciting. There's going to be challenges for the kids and will get prizes if they finish so many events," said Recreation Assistant Courtney Pierce.

Pierce added with the new remodeling done to Jaycee Park...this was the perfect time to do an event there.

The park just got a new playground, basketball court, and sidewalks.

The block party will be taking place on Saturday June 21 from 6-8 p.m.