Blood centers in need of more blood donations during summer

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center in Ottumwa is asking for your help.

The need for blood donations stays fairly constant throughout the year.

However, actual donations tend to decrease in the summer and around the holidays therefore making donors in the summer vital.

The whole process of giving blood takes 45 minutes to an hour with the actual giving of blood usually lasting around 10 minutes.

â??To kind of promote donors giving blood in the summertime we usually do a T-shirt giveaway at certain times especially around the holidays so right now around the 4th of July holiday we have T-shirts so if you come into the center or give at any mobile blood drives in the area you will get a S.O.S. â??Save Our Summerâ?? T-shirt now through July 13th so come and give,â?? said Courtney Jones, Donor Relations Consultant.

There will be a media blood drive on August 8 at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa.

Click here for more information on how to donate or have your business host a blood drive.