Bloomfield blaze destroys garage

An afternoon fire destroyed a Bloomfield garage complex.

But no one was injured during the incident.

Fire departments from across Davis County responded to this residence on Davis Street around one p.m.

Firefighters found the garage on the property totally engulfed in flames.

Home-owner Deb Hornaday told KTVO that she didn't know what had caused the blaze.

She said that the family was lucky that no-one, including the family pets were harmed.

The home itself was relatively untouched by flames, but Hornaday said she didn't think in the short term it was habitable.

A line of thunderstorms that rolled through Bloomfield during the fire first hindered and then helped fire fighters.

Witnesses said that the fire was nearly under control when the winds in advance of the storm caused a flare up.

However, the drenching rains that followed helped extinguish the flames before the home or neighboring structures caught fire.