Bloomfield community raises enough money for new movie theater projector

The curtains won't be closing on the Iowa Theater in Bloomfield any time soon.

The movie theater was given the ultimatum of either raising enough money for a new projector, capable of showing movies in their new digital format, or closing its doors for good.

The community stepped up and raised over $70,000 for a new projector. The new equipment has been delivered and is ready to be installed. The Iowa Theater is scheduled to be back open the weekend of January 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Even though Davis County is often considered one of the poorer counties in Iowa, this project shows they can come together when help is needed.

"For us to put this out there for our community and in the short period of time of eight or nine months have them just step forward and so graciously and willingly help us get this going, just is wonderful and it says tremendous things about Davis County and the people and businesses that live and work here," said Wayne VanMersbergen, of the Davis County Fine Arts Festival.

VanMersbergen said the weekend of January 11th will be free admission and popcorn for anyone who comes by the theater, as a way of thanking everyone who made this project a possibility.

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