Bloomfield holds contest for business owners

Bloomfield Main Street is currently holding their first ever business contest.

The contest is open to new businesses or existing businesses looking to expand. Anyone interested in participating can pick up a questionnaire form at the Main Street office on the Bloomfield square and answer questions structured similar to crafting a business plan.

"It's just a simple questionnaire with about 34 questions that applicants will fill out and help determine what exactly... what the business idea is and how the business maybe can start and then continue to be in operation," said Diana Upton-Hill, Program Coordinator at Bloomfield Main Street.

After the deadline of July 31, a panel of judges will sort through the applications and determine two winners. First prize will receive a prize package of $2,500 and second place gets a package of $1,500.

"And those prizes include everything from cash, which is helpful, and also services from other businesses in town, local mentors who are providing services like legal, accounting and advertising, some things that were really important when you start a business," Upton-Hill said.

The contest is open only to businesses in Davis County.

Upton-Hill said if this year's contest goes well, Main Street will hold it again next year. Contact Main Street Bloomfield at 641-664-2309 with any questions.