Bloomfield ice fishermen participate in competition

Standing on a frozen pond at the crack of dawn for hours on end during frigid January temperatures isn't the typical way to spend a Saturday morning.

But for a select group of Bloomfield ice fishermen, they wouldn't have it any other way--you never know when the big catch is going to strike.

C.J. Rullman was first introduced to ice fishing a few years ago and was instantly hooked.

"I guess I got introduced to it about three or four years ago, and I just like catching fish through the ice," said Rullman. "It gives me something to do all winter long, too."

Other ice fishermen like Roy Glosser have been doing it much longer.

"Since I was about 12-years-old, so I've been doing it a while," said Glosser. "It's fun. It's something the whole family can do. You get to eat good. You get to tell a bunch of fishing stories. It's just fun."

The ice fishermen spread across ponds, rivers, and lakes in the Bloomfield area hoping to nab that prized catch at the competition.

Prizes were awarded based on weight. Those with the biggest crappie, bluegill, catfish, and bass took home awards.

But the ice fishermen weren't in it for just the prizes, it was the camaraderie of hanging out with friends. It's sort of like a brotherhood.

Glosser didn't even participate because his fishing buddy had a wrestling tournament to attend.

"My partner I usually fish with has a wrestling tournament, but usually I'd fish it," said Glosser. "Seeing as he can't fish it, I'm not going to this year's [event]."

Rullman said he's caught some large fish before, but the time spent with friends outweighs even the biggest catch.

"We've caught some big fish at different times, but I just like fishing in tournaments and fishing with buddies every weekend," said Rullman. "We've finished 2nd in a couple of tournaments, but never won one yet."