Bloomfield library puts expansion plans on hold

The Bloomfield Public Library has put expansion plans temporarily on hold.

A few months ago, the Bloomfield Public Library had

big expansion plans

- plans that would not only give the building a facelift, but bring the library up to code for ADA regulations.

But recent funding struggles have left plans in limbo, and the community is left wondering what is next.

"Currently we're on hold on the expansion because the bids came in high," said Library Director Beth Sullivan. "But I do have a gentleman who is looking into grants, which will help us in the near future."

After looking at grant options, the library will likely put out bids once more and go from there. The library was so short on funds, it had to close for two weeks, but it is now re-opened with regular hours and three part-time employees in addition to Sullivan. It is still a fully-functioning library, with computers, and soon, e-books, and Sullivan said that closed or open, the Bloomfield community has rallied around it.

"The people are very pro-library, this last month, we've had a few issues, but the patrons have come up to bat and are behind us whatever we do," Sullivan said. "Even the children, they can't wait until we have a new entrance."

Right now, the library is taking things day by day, appreciating the support of the community and raising money wherever they can.

"Right now we have a fundraiser going on, but it's low-key right now and this week we're having a book sale, a Friends of the Library book sale, and it's at the extension office here in Bloomfield and it's in the basement and Elaine Von Bon, she is in charge of that and it will be going through Saturday the 21st."

For more information on the library, or the Friends of the Library book sale, call 641-664-2209.