Bloomfield looking into alternatives for city water supply

The city of Bloomfield is considering entering into a contract with Rathbun Lake to provide water for the city.

Over the past couple of months, the city has looked into several different options, including wells, a new lake and Rathbun, and though a final decision has not yet been made, hooking water lines up to Rathbun Lake looks like a viable option.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is concerned that the city's current water source is too small.

"They feel like we need more drainage area into our lake. I think we have about 1,700 acres now and they think we should have around 1,900, so that's their concern, in a drought time, it wouldn't sustain the people of Bloomfield," said Ted Henderson, Director of Public Works. "So that's the big concern. And then, we've had some water quality issues, which causes some problems because of the regulations that the DNR's putting on."

The Bloomfield City Council will be taking up the contract options at Thursday's meeting, however, Henderson said he's unsure whether a final decision will be reached.

Once it is, the city will also have to draw up a contract with Rathbun before the changes become official.