Bloomfield man arrested for sexual abuse and kidnapping

James Kozak, 21, of Bloomfield, Iowa

UPDATED - 5:30 P.M. May 12

KTVO spoke with Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong Thursday afternoon about the Kozak case.

Chief Armstrong told KTVO that this situation could have been worse...

"We learned that there was a struggle for the firearm and a shot was fired into the floor. At this time we don't believe there was any intent for the victim to be hurt by the shotgun, but there was a struggle for the firearm," said Armstrong.

Chief Armstrong also explained the kidnapping charge...

"The kidnapping charge, most people believe it is somebody grabbing somebody else and taking them somewhere, and that covers some of it. But there is also a provision in their that holding somebody against their will and with a firearm and committing an act like sexual abuse, that is where kidnapping in this case goes to kidnapping in the 1st degree," said Armstrong.

Armstrong did stress to KTVO that if anyone is involved or knows of a domestic violence situation, to contact police.


Chief Shawn Armstrong of the Bloomfield Police Department released this information to KTVO late this afternoon:

The Bloomfield Police Department says James Kozak, 21, of 107 W. Walnut, Bloomfield is charged with 2nd-degree sexual abuse and 1st-degree kidnapping. Kozak was charged after a sex abuse allegation was reported around 7:40 a.m. Wednesday.

A shotgun and a handheld taser were recovered from the residence and are believed to have been used during the alleged crime. Other evidence was also collected from the residence, and it will be transported to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation's crime lab.

Kozak will appear before a magistrate Thursday morning. Sexual Abuse 2nd Degree is a Class B felony, and Kidnapping 1st Degree is a Class A felony.

KTVO will continue to follow this developing story.