Bloomfield Police investigating string of car thefts

The Bloomfield Police Department is looking into three separate vehicle thefts.

The Bloomfield Police Department is looking into three cars stolen in just two months' time.

Officers said it is rare for these kind of thefts to occur so close to one another, however, the incidents are believed to be unrelated. One suspect is in custody and the department has a $500 reward for anyone with information on a truck stolen from Keith's Foods parking lot on April 18, which was then burned.

With the weather getting nicer, police remind the public to be sure to close their windows and take their keys with them when parked to avoid a theft.

"One thing I'd suggest people to do is start taking their keys out of their ignition at night or when they stop in a store and turn the car off," said Assistant Chief Jason Cole of the Bloomfield Police Department. "The last one that was taken had the keys in it and it was still running, and that's been the motive for all three of them, actually."

If you have any information regarding the recent vehicle thefts, you can call the Bloomfield Police Department at 641-664-2700.