Bloomfield prepares for new water tower

Bloomfield residents will soon see an increase of $5 on their monthly water bills due to a new water tower and water lines.

The new water tower will be more compliant with DNR regulations and mean more regular water access during summer droughts. The new water contract is part of the USDA Rural Water System and the Rathburn Rural Water Association.

The water tower will be located next to Lake Fisher, where the cityâ??s water currently comes from.

Bloomfield received around $5 million in grants and has around $3 million in loans. They plan to pay off the loans in 25 years instead of 40 which will save the city thousands of dollars according to the Bloomfield City Clerk Carol Taylor.

"By paying it off in 25 years you're saving a lot of money," said Taylor. "So that's why the increase and it will pay for itself in the future."

The increased bills are expected to begin in September. The city council will discuss the new water contracts at their next meetings, on the first and third Thursday in August. The public is invited to attend those meetings.