Bloomfield Streetscape Plan aims to upgrade downtown Bloomfield Area

Main Street Bloomfield's Streetscape Plan aims to provide many upgrades to the historic downtown Bloomfield area.

"We're talking a comprehensive look at the entire square and eight blocks around the square," said Streetscape Chairman Chris Ball. "We're looking at everything from sidewalks to streets, to traffic, and parking.

A community meeting was held this past Thursday in Bloomfield's Iowa Theatre.

Architects, Landscape Architects, and Engineers gauged the public's perspective on how downtown Bloomfield could be best improved.

The meeting saw a high-level of participation from all walks of the community.

Wayne Van Mersbergen owns Van Mersbergen Insurance in downtown Bloomfield.

He was in favor of the proposal.

"From the aspect of a business owner on the Square, I'm hopeful that this project will improve the look of the Bloomfield Square," said Van Mersbergen. "It will make it a little more user-friendly. And we'll find ourselves in a situation where our square is more inviting for both."

Ball said in the past when money was put into building infrastructure and improving facades in the downtown area, it generated interest in the community as well as local businesses.

"We've seen an increase in interest from businesses wanting to locater here," said Ball. "And we're hoping that as we continue to improve the infrastructure and aesthetics of the community that we'll be able to see even more participation downtown"

The architects will return to Bloomfield on February 6th for another meeting where they will present preliminary planes and ideas based on Thursday's findings.