Blunt speaks about PSF

When it comes to Premium Standard Farms (PSF) in Missouri, there are no easy answers. The big question on a lot of peoples minds are whether or not jobs will be lost if PSF cannot meet their August deadline.

All issues aside, U.S. Representative Roy Blunt told KTVO that all decisions are to be at the state level.THE STORY CONTINUES BELOW......

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"This kind of decision is largely a local and state issue; it TMs not a federal issue said Blunt. Now I was raised on a dairy farm and I TMve been part of agriculture one way or another all my life. I think animal agriculture is critically important to Missouri.

Blunt looks forward to hearing the result as well as what the job impact is.

The current discussions are both locally and in Jefferson City said Blunt. That TMs where this issues going to have to be resolved.