Blunt visits Milan for reservoir

Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt was in Milan, Missouri on Saturday. Blunt, along with Sullivan County residents, were briefed on the East Locust Creek Reservoir Project.

"I have looked at it and talked with Senator Bond about it a number of times Blunt said. I know it was on the board when I was secretary of state of Missouri 15 years ago. This has been a topic that has been discussed a number of times. Voters here are going to have something to say about it in the near future."In the upcoming April election, Sullivan County voters will have a half-cent retail tax to vote on.The North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission (NCMRWC) says that Sullivan County Commissioners voted to place the tax on the ballot to build the East Locust Creek Reservoir. The tax would produce $225,000 annually to service a loan to purchase 5,800 acres for construction.The purpose of the reservoir is to address water shortage in north central Missouri.You can contact NCMRWC at (660) 265-4448.