Body of missing swimmer found along river bank

The body of Michael Chrisman was found about one mile away from this location near Cliffland Park Access.

The body of missing swimmer Michael Chrisman has been found.

Chrisman, 25, was found around 9:30 Thursday morning about a mile downstream from where he jumped into the water Monday night. His body was spotted on the surface of the river along the bank by a boat from the Eldon Fire Department. Various law enforcement groups, including the Ottumwa Fire Department and Wapello County Sheriff's Office, dedicated as many resources as they could since Monday evening to find Chrisman.

"This morning, we had four or five boats on the river," said Chief Deputy Don Phillips of the Wapello County Sheriff's Office. "Eldon Fire Department and the sheriff's office and then the DNR was arriving actually when we located Mr. Chrisman."

The circumstances surrounding Chrisman's drowning are unknown at this time.

Phillips advises people not to swim in the river at this time, as the high waters and swift current make for dangerous conditions.