Boil advisory in effect for parts of Jefferson County

Wapello Rural Water Treatment Plant

A boil advisory is in effect for Vedic City, Fairfield, Salina and the surrounding area, after a water main break occurred three miles north of Fairfield.

Workers from Wapello Rural Water Plant are headed out to the area to take samples of the water. They will be looking for potential bacteria that could be in those lines, and if those samples come back negative, the boil order will be lifted.

â??Once we get the lines flushed and they're properly disinfected now, we will be taking samples late today and then we'll do them 24 hours apart, and we'll be collecting those tomorrow taking those to the lab at that particular time, then it looks like as early as Monday it'd be lifted,â?? Dan Westegard, Water Plant Superintendent/Distributions Supervisor, said.

In the meantime, the Water Plant Superintendent is asking residents in that area to boil their water for one minute before drinking, or use an alternate water source like bottled water until the boil advisory has been lifted.