Bomb threat that closes Highway 136 dismissed as hoax

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UPDATED: February 14 at 9:50 p.m.

WAYLAND, MO. -- A suspicious package found Monday afternoon near Wayland, Missouri has been determined a hoax.

KTVO's sister station, KHQA, was on the scene before the bomb squad arrived. Reporter Brooke Hasch spoke with Clark County Sheriff Paul Gaudette, who explains what happened.

"A gentleman was going along the ditch, picking up cans and different things when he found a device he was in question about," said Gaudette. "Looked like three or four tube-like items -- long tubes, maybe 12 inches long all bound together."

A timing device was on top. The man then called the Sheriff's office, prompting Gaudette to take a look at it in person.

"It appeared to be some type of explosive device. We called for the Bomb Disposal Unit out of Jeff City," said Gaudette.

For the next couple of hours, streets surrounding the Wayland and Alexandria areas were evacuated. Once the bomb squad arrived, it took about twenty minutes to crack the case.

"They showed me the device and explained the pieces, and everything seems to be safe. There's no reality to it, it's completely fake," said Gaudette.

Gaudette says, because the device was fake, no further investigation will be needed.

PDATED: February 14 at 5:23 p.m.

The bomb threat that prompted authorities to call in the explosive disposal unit from the Missouri Highway Patrol has now been officially called a hoax.

KTVO's sister station, KHQA, is still on the scene of the incident and we will have more information as it becomes available.


UPDATED: February 14 at 4:45 p.m.

Traffic is detoured near the Flying J truck stop at Wayland, Missouri because of a suspicious package.

The Clark County Sheriff says a man from Wayland found a package that had a clock on it.

Traffic is stopped on Route 136 between the Flying J and the "S" curve east of Wayland between Wayland and Alexandria.

An explosive disposal unit that's part of the Missouri Highway Patrol from Jefferson City was called in and as of about 4:45 p.m. Monday, the unit was in Palmyra.


KTVO's sister staion, KHQA, received a call from the Clark County Sheriff in Missouri saying that a person spotted a suspicious package along the side of the road.

Police say the package had a clock on it.

Traffic is stopped on Route 136 between the Flying J truck stop and the "S" curve on Rt 136.

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The bomb squad has been called in from Jefferson City, Mo.