Bookoo makes searching for yard sales easy

With the weekend coming up, a lot of people are gearing up for yard sale hopping. And now a new website is helping you find those sales in communities all over the United States and some overseas.

Itâ??s called Bookoo. You simply type in where you live, such as Ottumwa, and the site will generate where there are yard sales in your community.

You can also buy and sell virtually anything on the website. All you do is type in the search box what youâ??re looking for and that particular item will pop up.

Bookoo is quickly spreading throughout various communities.

â??Yeah, so if there's no Bookoo already in your community you can go to and there's a link to get your own and we collect petitions from people all the time that are asking for new Bookoos and when we see enough interest and enough energy then we'll launch a Bookoo in your area,â?? said Bookoo co-founder Adam Allgaier.

Allgaier said the first Bookoo started eight years ago in Kingwood, Texas and he cannot believe how much the site has taken off since.

So if youâ??re looking for a yard sale this weekend, itâ??s just a click away.