Boston runner speaks out

On the sidelines of the Boston Marathon.

After a long Boston winter and little training, Ted Noon ran his third marathon in three hours and ten minutes.

"You say a little prayer, and in hindsight, it's kind of selfish, you say, you know 'please God let me finish," Noon said. "You think of it in terms of your physical endurance and being able to get to the finish line, and the reality is you're literally running towards a bomb."

That bomb would ignite near the finish line where his family stood cheering just 45 minutes prior.

"Yeah really it's been particularly unsettling,â?? Noon said. â??We had three people in our company that were running and all of their families were out there, and everyone as far as we know of our family and friends that we know of are safe, but you know, there are a lot of people that aren't in that situation"

While investigators in Boston continue searching for answers, the feeling of safety can be unsettling at large venues and events no matter where you live. Executive Director Larry Gawronski explained how event organizers at the Bridge View Center keep guests safe.

"If there's even a hint of a terrorist activity, you have to be ready, know what the signs are and be prepared to take action in order to eliminate it or hopefully at best mitigate the circumstances,â?? Gawronski said.

Ted says he still feels safe in Boston and thinks the race organizers did the best they could in terms of security.

"I think it's very hard to protect a 26 mile course as opposed to a venue where you can screen everyone on the way in," Noon said. It's got a tremendous amount of landscape to secure in a marathon."

"When you get these kinds of situations like the Boston Marathon explosion, certainly it makes you pause for cause and at our next safety committee meeting, we're certainly talking about, you know, what do you do in case" Garonoski said.

He says if you see anything suspicious, the best way you can take action is to stay clear of the danger and notify event organizers or the authorities.