Boy with brain cancer wants to meet Bill Cosby

Will Jacobs, 13, of Winigan, Mo. wants to meet Bill Cosby.

UPDATED 8-29-12 - The Make-a-Wish Foundation issued the following statement to KTVO Wednesday evening: "Thank you for your continued interest in Will's wish. Make-A-Wish is

working diligently on Will's wish so further texting is no longer needed."


A northeast Missouri family is enlisting your help to get Bill Cosby's attention. Here's why.

Will Jacobs, a 13-year-old 7th grader at Green City Junior High, has been battling brain cancer for a year now, and his doctors say his prognosis is not good.

His dying wish is to meet Bill Cosby.

Will's mom, Trena, told KTVO Will loves The Cosby Show and has watched every episode with his family.

Trena has been in contact with the Make-a-Wish Foundation and explained the urgency of making Will's wish come true quickly.

The family thought Mr. Cosby might be more inclined to grant the wish if he got a lot of tweets from Heartland residents urging him to do so.

His Twitter handle is @billcosby.

Will lives just outside Winigan, Missouri, with his mom and dad, Trena and Allen Jacobs, and his seven brothers and sisters.

His family says any and all prayers are appreciated.

You can find a link to the â??Prayers for Willâ?? facebook page by clicking HERE!