Brain tumor survivor helps others

Nancy Hueber

One local brain tumor survivor wants to make sure others who have brain injuries in the Heartland know they are not alone.

Nancy Hueber was diagnosed in 1996 with a baseball-size meningioma tumor in her brain.

A week after her diagnosis, she had surgery to get the tumor removed.

Hueber is now helping others who have brain injuries with a monthly support group.

â??It made sense to me to get the community in Kirksville and southeast Iowa together that have been injured by (a) stroke or an accident, concussion, brain tumor and help them to know they are not alone,â?? Hueber said.

She said the fact that they can meet together and no longer feel that no one understands their injuries is important.

â??The fact that we can meet together and not be in the little bubble of I know and I feel my injuries, but nobody even my own family quite understands or can see it all the time... we will (now) be able to see each other and provide that kind of support that is so important,â?? Hueber said.

The group meets every first Monday of each month at the Faith United Methodist church in Kirksville from 6:30 to 7:30. And, during the meeting they will provide child care.

If you have any questions you can contact Nancy Hueber at 660-665-3355.