Brashear Elementary students share good habits

Students at one local elementary spent Monday night showing off some good habits.

Brashear Elementary students have been busy learning 7 habits. The idea came from a book titled 'The 7 Habits of Happy Kids' by Sean Covey. Those habits include: Being proactive, Beginning with the end in mind, Putting first things first, Thinking about a win-win situation, Seeking to understand, Working with others, and Sharpening the mind.

The youngsters shared books that they have written and other projects with loved ones. The students also participated in leadership roles by public speaking and giving tours of the school.

"There's different leadership roles. We have greeters, then we have public speaker leaders, we have environmental engineers that work on recycling and keeping our school beautiful," said Christy Grissom, Brashear K-12 Counselor.

Teachers at Brashear hope that the students will continue to get involved and hold different leadership roles. The 7 habits is something that they plan to use in upcoming school years.