Breastfeeding Recommendations

If you stop by Complete Family Medicine you may notice a new face. Angella Shuey is a nurse practitioner specializing in womenâ??s health and is a certified breastfeeding specialist.

Question: What is your role at Complete Family Medicine?

Answer: As a women's health nurse practitioner, I provide care to women of all ages.

-Preventative exams -reproductive health -family planning -all forms of birth control.

As a breastfeeding specialist, I provide breastfeeding education and support to the breastfeeding family. Helping the breastfeeding family is really a passion of mine.

Question: What is a certified breastfeeding specialist?

Answer: This is a member of the healthcare team who assists the mother and baby in successfully breastfeeding according to their goals. It can be from just education to helping with difficult latch, to sore nipples, to boosting milk supply or to just validate that the mother and baby is doing just fine. I can see mothers and babies in the outpatient setting with any breastfeeding difficulties or questions that may arise. There is a national push to support breastfeeding and increase breastfeeding rates.

Question: What are the recommendations for breastfeeding?

Answer: It is recommended that exclusive breastfeeding (no supplements or foods) continue until at least 6 months and then breastfeeding continue throughout the first year. At that time, a mother and baby continue until they decide it is time to stop.

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