Bridge View Center getting new floor medallion

Where the new eagle floor medallion will be placed.

Bridge View Center is undergoing a minor renovation to one of their most recognized symbols.

If you've walked through the convention center recently, you may have noticed a wood structure covered by a blue tarp. That's because they are replacing their big eagle floor medallion, which the Ottumwa Rotary Club donated when the center opened in 2006. Unfortunately stress cracks have deteriorated the original medallion over time.

The Bridge View Center's executive director Larry Gawronski said a floating concrete bed is the key to prevent this from happening again.

That happens naturally just because of the Earth," Gawronski said. "The floating bed would be just above that in order to compensate as the movement happens to the eagle medallion everybody sees."

The $25,000 project is funded by the city and is allotted in Bridge View's equipment budget. The new medallion should be complete by May 1.