Bridge View Center hosts annual Mother's Day brunch

Mother's Day Brunch at Bridge View

What does this 10-year-old love the most about his mom?

â??Everything,â?? Colin Lobberecht said.

But if he had to narrow it down to two thingsâ?¦

â??Two... One and two: She gave birth to me and she's really nice to me,â?? he said.

Even Ottumwaâ??s Busy City Administrator Joe Helfenberger plans to do a landscape project for his wife this Motherâ??s Day, showing some gratitude for all her hard work.

â??Our oldest is 25,â?? Helfenberger said. â??We have five kids, and she's done a heck of a job helping out to raise them because I haven't been home a lot with work and everything.â??

Many other Ottumwa residents came out to the Bridge View Centerâ??s Motherâ??s Day Brunch to show moms some appreciation.

â??My children surprised me actually,â?? Kari Roemerman, a mother of two said. â??I didnâ??t know we were coming, so itâ??s a lovely surprise for Motherâ??s Day.â??

Kari Roemermanâ??s children are now in their 20s, and they feel lucky they have a mom to celebrate this special day.

â??I guess I'm thankful that my mom is with me today because I know a lot of people don't have their mom anymore,â?? 28-year-old Kyle Roemerman said.

â??There was a time that she was very sick, it's been quite a few years ago, but we still remember it all really well,â?? Kami Millikin, 23, said.

So momâ??s on behalf of everyone at KTVO, we hope your day was filled with flowers, gifts and love.

â??I wish you a happy mother's day mother,â?? Lobberecht said.

â??Happy Mother's Day! Yeah, and Happy Mother's Day to my mom,â?? Roemerman said

â??Happy Mother's Day to all of you,â?? 13-year-old Elizabeth Simonson said.