Bridge View Center off to a good start this year

The Bridge View Center is off to a running start for this fiscal year.

Larry Gawronski, Executive Director of Bridge View gave a year in review presentation Tuesday night to the Ottumwa City Council.

And at the end of this past fiscal year which was June 30, the center had 410 events and nearly 63,000 attendees walk through the doors.

And in just six months, Gawronski said Bridge View is further ahead that they thought they would be and said itâ??s a good thing since the next six months are their strong months.

â??At the end of six months from July 1 to December 30, we're at 324 event use days, almost 47,000 in attendance and that's garnering nearly half a million dollars in direct spending, 1.12 million in economic impact and that's because people that are spending money here in the building are also gassing up. The might be going to a restaurant, they be staying overnight,â?? said Gawronski.

And in the coming months there are some big names coming to Bridge View such as Larry the Cable Guy in May and this Saturday Hairball will be performing.