"Bright idea" benefits Wapello County Law Center

The Wapello County Law Center will soon be shining bright, thanks to new LED lights.

Over the summer, several of the current lights went out at the same time, and the idea of replacing them with LED lights was brought up.

Chief Deputy Don Phillips put together the specifics of the project and received bids from four different companies. The lowest bid comes from Integrity Electric in Ottumwa.

The project costs over $19,000 total, but will be much more cost-efficient in the long run.

â??In the process, we figured with one of the electrical companies here in town, we figured out that it was going to save a substantial amount of money in electrical and maintenance costs,â?? said Phillips.

Specifically, Phillips says the new lights will save around $3,000 a year.

The LED lights will also give the building a brighter, cleaner look.

Money is budgeted each year to put towards building maintenance and repair, so no extra funding or grants will be required for the new lighting.