Bright Ideas fund hits $1 million in grants for non-profits

The Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation's Bright Ideas Community Enrichment Fund has reached a milestone. Over a period of about two years, the organization has awarded over $1 million to non-profit groups in Wapello County.

With 87 grants given to 55 organizations over that period of time, that means a lot of good work is being done in Wapello County and a lot of goals are being met.

"And the cool thing about Bright Ideas is that it is awarded to so many different types of organizations that it touches all individuals differently," said Kelly Genners, Director of Community Leadership and Grant making. "What you may be passionate about, someone else might not care about and vice versa, but there's so many different organizations out there receiving funding and doing great work."

Grants are awarded through Bright Ideas three times every year, and this cycle, over $167,000 was given to 16 organizations. Those groups range from capitol projects like the McHaffey Opera House in Eldon to social service organizations like the Salvation Army to brand new groups like Latinas Latinos, a "commitment to school success program".

Genners said the Legacy Foundation is looking at adding to and changing the Bright Ideas grant during the next cycle, which begins February 1. For more information, visit the Legacy Foundation's website.