Bronze bust of Dr. Still to appear in Missouri state capitol

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the father of osteopathic medicine, is going to inducted into the Missouri Hall of Famous Missourians at the state capitol in Jefferson City.

The hall houses a collection of bronze busts that have been chosen by the House Speaker. A.T. Still's bronze bust is scheduled to be completed and placed in the state capitol sometime next year.

Local sculptor, Brandon Crandall of Kirksville, is vying for the chance to complete the bust that will be on display in the capitol rotunda. Crandall already completed one bust of Still that can be seen in the A.T. Still University Museum.

The director of the A.T. Still Museum says this is an honor that Dr. Still deserves, and is something that's been a long time coming.

"He truly deserves this honor. He has helped people out in diversity, as far as it didn't matter what your color, or your gender, where you were from. It didn't matter your social economic background. Dr. Still has always been supportive, and that's what osteopathic medicine is about," said Jason Haxton, A.T. Still University Museum Director.

Other new inductees into the Hall of Famous Missourians include a science fiction writer, a suffragist, and the catalyst of a citizen's initiative that limited state revenues and local taxes.