Brookfield students busted

The Brookfield school system is home to 1,200 students. Three of those students have likely learned a valuable lesson.

On Monday morning, Brookfield Police along with Macon Police Department, the Chariton County Sherriff's Office, Missouri State Highway Patrol, the North Missouri Drug Task Force and the Juvenile Office conducted a contraband search at Brookfield High School.

The search took place inside Brookfield High School, the Middle School and the Career Center as well as out in the high school parking lot.

A drug K-9 unit was able to sniff out 35 grams of marijuana.

Three Brookfield male students were detained and taken into custody.

Their names are not being released because they are minors.

There is a twist to this story.

It turns out Brookfield students notified administration about the crime.

They took down accurate facts and told staff the school needed to take a stand.

Superintendent Paul Barger was happy to oblige.

"The feedback we are getting from the majority of the students is they are very thankful we did that and that we took action. I think we owe it to our kids. We weren't going to bury our heads in the sand. If they present us with situations we will back them up," Barger said.

Barger would like to extend his thanks to the students, community and law enforcement officers.

The three students will serve a Class 3 punishment. The punishment will mean anywhere from three to 10 days of out-of-school suspension.

That decision will be made after Christmas break.

Once completed, the students will be able to return to Brookfield High School.