Brookfield students get fired up for Bell Game

The entire community of Brookfield was revved up Friday in advance of the Bell Game against Marceline.

During the afternoon, the school district held a pep assembly, getting everyone ammped for the big football game. It's a 91-year-old tradition and the winner gets the traveling trophy- an old fire engine bell. The assembly was jam-packed, with elementary school kids singing, and teachers participating in a surprise flash mob.

"It went pretty well," said 10th grade English Teacher Beth Black. "We're all a little old, out of dance practice, but I think we pulled it off on them."

The teachers and staff began planning for the flash mob a month ago, when one of the student council members asked the high school principal if the students could do one. Black said the teachers practiced before and after school, all while keeping it a secret from the students.

Many of the students watched in awe.

"I loved it," said 5th grader Karli Wattenbarger. "I thought it was pretty neat. I never thought that the teachers could get down so much."

"It was a little strange. Unexpected. They did a great job," said Adam Palmer, a 10th grader and lineman for the football team.

As for the Bell Game, Brookfield has had the bell for the past two years and football coach Nile Thudium said the team hopes to keep it forever. Kick off for the game is at 7p.m., Sept. 7 at Marceline High School.