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      Brother potentially saves his big sister's life

      A Schuyler County High School senior can thank her little, big brother for potentially saving her life.

      April Archer has epilepsy and was in class at Schuyler County High School when she had a seizure.

      Luckily her brother Tyson, who is a junior at the high school, was in that same class with her.

      April fell out of her chair while seizing and hit her face on the tile floor, breaking her nose and causing lots of bleeding. While the entire class was terrified, her brother Tyson was there to help.

      â??Well I got up, went over to her, I rolled her over, got her in that position that we're supposed to have her, on her side, I told the teacher to go get help, I told somebody to call 9-1-1,â?? said Tyson. â??The principal and nurse came over and they took it from there.â??

      Tyson stayed with his sister the whole time, until the ambulance crews arrived.

      April can only remember the moments leading up to her seizure. She said she was in her fifth hour English class when they were getting ready to head to lunch. And thatâ??s when she remembers letting out a high-pitch scream, one her brother says is a sign sheâ??s about to have a seizure.

      April says sheâ??s glad to have her little brother in her life.

      â??Just to know that he's there for me, as many times as possible,â?? said April. â??Whenever, no matter what, means so much to me because it lets me know that even when we're older that he'll always be there for me.â??

      April is now doing fine and many people at Schuyler County High School are calling Tyson a hero.