â??Brute-forceâ?? ATM thefts in Iowa cause security concerns

ATM security concerns

Thieves can steal cash and personal banking information at an ATM, and now in Iowa, there are recent cases of individuals stealing the entire device.

To steal personal banking information, they can use a small device skimmer that reads a card's data.

Individuals using ATMs are encouraged to keep an eye on surroundings, cover up their pin number when entering it, and check for anything that seems suspicious or not secure.

ATMs are meant to be convenient, but that's also what can make them an attractive target for theft.

"That convenience level is the very thing that makes it highly vulnerable to what's known as a brute force smash and grab and that's where you see somebody coming through with a pick up or a different truck and maybe hooking up a chain around the ATM and pulling it out," said Tom Conley, The Conley Group, Inc. President, CEO.

Robbing an ATM in that manner could result in multiple felony charges for theft, damage, and burglary that would include serious prison time.

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