Budget cuts will affect some Missouri residents

The Missouri Workforce Housing Association said massive cuts to the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program included in legislation recently passed by the state senate (senate bill 120) would harm seniors, veterans and those with special needs.

The tax credit is used to provide affordable housing in cities and towns throughout the state of Missouri.

â??Without our programs and without the low income housing for them they really don't have the financial ability to go out and pay some of the higher market rates apartments,â?? Travelers Hotel Apartments Manager Valinda Terrell said.

â??Without the additional support (of) lower income places to live in our town and without having those budget amounts we need, they really could be living with friends, or jumping from place to place and possibly even living in their cars.â??

According to the association the tax credit has helped communities devastated by natural disasters, like Joplin, in their rebuilding efforts.

The Missouri Workforce Housing Association press release states, â??According to the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the state LIHTC reduces rents by an average of $288 each month for elderly and disabled people who would otherwise not be able to afford their own apartment home. Given how expensive it is for local governments to care for enfeebled seniors and disabled people in dilapidated structures, the advantages of providing safe housing are incalculable.â??

If you want to speak out against the cuts, you can contact your lawmakers and ask them to promote opportunity for Kirksvilleâ??s low-income housing residents by rejecting cuts to the low-income housing tax credit program.