Bull riders take on the Bridge View Center

The finals of the Bull Riders of America Association are taking place this weekend at the Bridge View Center.

For the second year in a row, the Bridge View Centerâ??s hall has been turned into a bull riding arena -- the dirt perfectly tilled ready for the bulls and cowboys.

For the bull riders, the adrenaline rush isnâ??t their only favorite part about the sport.

â??The friends. My best friends ride bulls. My family -- I consider them my family. I've known these guys, Shad and Joel and everyone of them guys over there -- Iâ??ve known them for the better part of ten years. You just get to know each other. When we go on the road theyâ??re the only people we have -- talk to them because you're traveling with the same guys day in and day out,â?? said Levi Stepp, bull rider.

Last year, Stepp was only a few hundred dollars shy of winning the competition. He and Bridge View Centerâ??s Executive Director now have a bet going that if he wins the title and saddle that goes along with it that he will loan it to Gawronski to put on display for a year.

The competition is a two-day event starting at 7 p.m. Friday and the same time Saturday night.