Bulldog Cafe open for business

One of the OHS chefs preparing Creamy Cajum Pasta with chicken on Friday

Creamy Cajun pasta, slow cooked BBQ ribs, white chocolate raspberry mousse. Is your mouth watering yet?

Ottumwa High School students are the ones whipping up these delectable main dishes and desserts at the Bulldog Café which is part of a one of the Culinary Arts classes offered at OHS.

Every Friday a different student is in charge of coming up with the lunch menu.

And the Café is giving these aspiring chefs experience they can take with them for the future.

â??You get to meet a whole bunch of different people. And like Miss Kent said, you have a bunch of different ethnic groups and our menu is completely different that it was last year -- definitely Miss Kent is a great teacher and that's why 90% of us are taking this class,â?? said Nathan Toomey, OHS Junior.

â??It's fun and you get to experience new things. It's kind of like science -- experiment with new things with it and just go along with it,â?? said Michael Umana, OHS Junior.

The Bulldog Café serves lunch every Friday for only $6. If you would like to order a meal to go, simply call (641) 683-4444 ext. 1212.