Bullrider talks before heading into the final round

Ottumwaâ??s Bridge View Center hosted the Bullriders of America finals on Friday and Saturday.

One of the riders, Levi Stepp, spoke with KTVO before heading into the final round.

"People call us twisted and sick, but this is fun. When you go into this sport, you have to get ready to get hurt; and stuff like that. I like to tell people that this sport is only two to three percent physical. The most healthy part of riding bulls is in your mind. You have to be mentally collective to do this sport. In order to get any score, you need to ride eight seconds. I mean, that is the rule. You get 50 points for the rider and 50 points for the bull; and you combine the score of the two. But, in order to get a qualified ride, you need to ride for eight seconds. You know, people say, 'that is scary or that is dangerous,' it is but I mean, you have to face that fact when you start riding bulls," said Stepp.

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