Bullying victim turned activist visits Davis County

Jodee Blanco gave a bullying seminar to Davis County High School students on Wednesday morning

Itâ??s something weâ??ve all fallen victim to at some point in our lives, bullying.

One survivor of bullying has turned herself into an activist. Her name is Jodee Blanco and she is a New York Times Best Selling author of "Please Stop Laughing at Me".

Blanco travels around the country sharing her story in order to motivate change.

Already she has shared her story with more than a half million people. And Wednesday morning she spoke to Davis County High School students.

â??Bullying is an essential part to adolescence because it's about the desperate need to fit in and so there's no such thing as a community or environment that doesn't have bullying. What I try to do is make people aware of its subtle forms like exclusion and the rolling of the eyes and my whole purpose when I come into a market is to teach people that it's not just joking around. Bullying can damage you for life so you have to be aware,â?? said Blanco.

Blanco said she has got many calls from teachers after her seminars of students inviting those eating alone in the cafeteria to join them at their table. She said that is what keeps her traveling all over the country to give these seminars.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday evening, Blanco will be holding another seminar for Davis County parents and the community at the elementary/middle school gym.