Business is booming at new ice-cream place in Bloomfield

Elena's Ice-Cream in Bloomfield.

If you're in Bloomfield and have a craving for a cold, tasty treat, there's a new ice-cream parlor that might satisfy your sweet tooth.

Elena's Ice-Cream shop opened for the first time to the public on Friday, and employees say business has been booming. They were even closed yesterday because they ran out of ice-cream on Sunday, But they ordered more and are back to serving customers both indoors and out. Drew Norton has been helping the owner get everything ready since May after the owner renovated the building, which was once a gas station on 201 N. Washington Street, across the street from Keith's Grocery.

â??We have so many different flavors, so people come here, and they're just like whoa,â?? employee Drew Norton said. â??There's nothing like this in Bloomfield because we have like frozen yogurt, so we have a bunch of different stuff.â??

Norton says the most popular flavors so far are cookie dough, mint-chocolate chip, strawberry and butter-pecan ice-cream. In addition to frozen yogurt, they also serve protein shakes for those who are on the more health-conscious side.