Businesses and homes damaged from storm

Tree damage to home in Kirksville.

Some parts of Kirksville were no match against the quick straight line winds that hit the city in the blink of an eye on Thursday. At Coy's Boatworks, boats were knocked over, some of the building was pushed in, a pontoon was thrown across the yard and one boat even slammed into a parked truck.

On the same street, trees were knocked onto roofs, large branches were in the streets and debris was littered throughout the area. Several families could be seen gathering the debris and trying to clear off what they could.

Julie Leake said it was a surprise and only lasted a few seconds. We we're just sitting there in the living room and the wind starting blowing really hard,â?? Leake said. â??I knew it was really hard so immediately we looked outside and saw all the trees down in the back and didn't know all this was going on. Now, the more we look at the more damage we see.â??

Leake said right now, their main focus is on cleaning up.