'Byte Jam' competition at Indian Hills will teach students technology and teamwork

Indian Hills computer programming students will host the first-ever Byte Jam competition on the Ottumwa Campus next week.

The competition runs from October 7-10 and will put the 70 computer programming students' skills up for show. The students will be divided into ten teams and each will be responsible for coding and developing an application over the span of three days. On the fourth day of competition, each team will present their finished project and the top two teams will win a prize.

The students who planned this event over the last six weeks said it's a great chance for participants to experience the value of teamwork, which is a necessary skill in any IT job.

"Everything is done in a team, so we want to give them that experience early on so they know what they're getting into when they get an internship and they get jobs and things like that," said Kimberly Pearson, Project Lead and Project Manager for Byte Jam.

The public is welcome to attend both the competition from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and the presentations that begin on Thursday. Students and information will be on hand for people to learn more about IHCC's computer programming club.

"The main reason behind it is just to drive interest into the program," said Max Zimmerman, Project Lead and Project Manager for the event. "So the applications that we're actually making are for recruiting, for getting people to come to our program and get enrolled."

Most students participating have little to no coding experience, so what they'll be working on is a little less complicated than someone with more experience could tackle, but everyone will learn a lot and advance in just a three-day span.

"It's fun, it's the IT world, it's collaborative, you learn all kinds of new information and I think that's what I wanted to put through into the program when I set it up and made it so it's a little simpler set-up, so they can just dive in and be a part of the team," said Mike Long, Team Lead and coordinator of the event.

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page. You can also follow the Byte Jam event on their Twitter feed by clicking here.