Cable rates to increase in March

A few thousand of you will soon have to pay more to watch TV.

Cable One in Kirksville is raising its rates.

In a recent letter to the Kirksville city manager, Cable One General Manager Martin Stitzer explains that the company needs to raise its prices because the rates that cable one has to pay for programming have gone up by 40-percent over the past three years.

The city of Kirksville has a franchise agreement with cable one, but the city has no say regarding how much the company charges.

"All of the rates that are charged by Cable One are set by the company, and they're dictated, I'm sure, by their cost of doing business just like with any other business," Stitzer said.

Cable One's rates will increase by either $2 or $4 per month, depending which package you have.

Current customers who have a promotional or contract rate are "excluded" from the rate increase during the term of their agreement.

Cable One's rate hike takes effect in the March billing cycle.