Cadets train for ambush

â??Itâ??s challenging. It makes you want to do more. I like that challenge.â??

Thatâ??s what one ROTC cadet said.

A group of cadets is training for an assessment course with all other cadets in the nation.

Thursday was Trumanâ??s ROTC first Tactics lane training.

â??What we did today is an ambush where you're going to attack a moving target,â?? Cadet Adrienne Myers said.

â??Thereâ??s also an attack on a fixed target, or a movement to contact where you don't know where the enemy is, and you're moving to a point hoping you'll run across them at some point.â??

Cadet Myers was the leader of her eleven person squad.

She said the first training went really well, and they saw what they could work on as a squad.

â??I also got to see pretty magnified what my deficiencies were in leadership and what my strengths were, so itâ??s a nice jumping off point to improve,â?? Myers said.

Myers a nursing major is not only a part of ROTC, but also the National Guard. She said she has learned a lot about time management.

â??It's an eye opener in getting your whole mind wrapped around how you're going to lead people in what situations and managing your time so that you can be successful not only in ROTC, but also in the major that you chose,â?? Myers said.

Myers said the best part of being in the ROTC is the life long friendships she has built.

â??I love a lot of things about ROTC,â?? Myers said.

â??I was really lucky. I hope everyone else can say the same.â??