Call regarding lottery could be too good to be true

We have another scam alert to warn you about.

A viewer called us from Kirksville to let us know he was called by a man with a thick foreign accent representing himself with something called MGM Lottery.

The man told the viewer that the lottery was in conjunction with several national pharmacy chains. He was told if he went to one of the pharmacies the man listed and bought a $350 prepaid card and mailed it into the lottery, he would win either $5.5 million or a 2012 Mercedes Benz.

When asked where the man was calling from, the man mispronounced Missouri and said he was in a town called Greenland. We could find no city named Greenland in Missouri.

The viewer wanted to make other viewers aware of this latest scam with the hopes that no one would fall for it.

In legitimate lotteries, you generally never have to send money to win money and as local law enforcement officials always tell us, 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.'