Campers come bright and early to set up for music festival

People came out bright and early on Saturday morning to get settled in for the 41st annual Davis County Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival

The music doesnâ??t officially start until Wednesday but Sunday morning, campers were waiting in line to get into the Davis County Fairgrounds to set up for the 41st annual Davis County Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival.

The fairground gates opened at 7 a.m. and by 8, already 90 campers were parked and ready for the week of music and fun to begin.

â??We came; we got in about 6:30 last night and parked on the road. Our kids are saying you're going to do what? Is that safe? We said no, but we're going to do it anyway,â?? said Earnestine Hysell.

Hysell and her husband are veterans of the musical festival. Itâ??s something they look forward to year after year.

She said itâ??s the cards, fish frys and good friends that keep them coming back.

â??Weâ??ve come since 1980 and started at Drakesville and then when they moved it over here we havenâ??t missed a year since then. So it's been a lot of fun, you know, and it's like a big reunion every year,â?? said Hysell.

And already the musicians are gearing up for the week of jam sessions.

The country band â??Lonesome Fugitiveâ?? out of Des Moines has been coming to the festival for around 20 years.

â??Oh itâ??s absolutely the greatest, great people. Have a lot of fun every year, look forward to this. This is the grand finale of the camping season, the festival season,â?? said Jerry Virden, â??Lonesome Fugitiveâ??.

The festival does not book bands but rather bands like â??Lonesome Fugitiveâ?? come and donate their time.

â??In turn, no one pays admission to get in, no one pays camping fees, everything is just a donation basis. If you had fun, donate a few dollars and if you didn't, come back next year,â?? said Cindie Beem, Davis County Music Festival Committee.