Can Food be Addictive?

With the holidays coming up, and endless amount of food served at holiday parties and dinner, we better start planning now to avoid packing on those extra pounds. Dr. Puckett stopped by the set of Good Morning Heartland Monday to talk about food and if it is addictive.

Question: Is â??Food Addictionâ?? real?

  • This has gotten some real press lately with the primary diagnosis book of the Psychiatrist Association, the DSM-5, including Binge Eating Disorder in its table of contents.

  • This is the first time it has appeared in the DSM

  • We have known for a few years that the Ghrelin hunger system uses and acts like the same brain pathways associated with alcohol and drug addiction.

  • Question: so are all people who struggle with weight, addicted to food?

  • Absolutely not! Some figures show as many as 20 percent of obese individuals may have behaviors that qualify as addictive. Others just have a mismatch between what they are eating, the macro-nutrients, and their metabolism, and their activity level.

  • Question: So what qualifies food as an addiction?

  • There are a lot of behaviors associated with eating. What makes this tough is that food is required to survive, unlike alcohol and drugs.

  • When you begin to adjust your entire life, have eating behaviors that are done in secrecy, and when the need for certain food items overtake your life, and if you go thru a withdrawal (mental or physical) from the food, addiction could be at play. There is a difference between something being good or rewarding and truly addicting.

  • Regardless of if it is a true addiction or not, all of us have behaviors, and tendencies, that affect the role of food in our life. And in order for us to be successful with balancing our weight, we must work on these behaviors.

  • Question: What kind of food might affect our intake?

  • Role of Sugar vs. Fat

  • Glycemic Index

  • Role of Fiber

  • Role of Fructose

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