Can the census make one thousand Iowans disappear?

If you try to count three hundred million of anything, you are likely to make a mistake.

And that is just what Maharshi Vedic City officials are saying about the U.S. Census Bureau.

When the Census released its count last week, the Bureau said the population of the Jefferson county town was 259.

Vedic City officials say that leaves out over one thousand residents of a housing complex at 1675 Invincible America Drive shown here.

We spoke with Vedic City official Kent Boyum today and he believes that the census counted the residents as living in an unicorporated part of the county.

Vedic City officials are concerned because undercounting the population by 80- percent would have a dramatic impact on the city's funding from federal, state and local sources.

Boyum says the city has contacted the Census and officials hope the issue can be resolved quickly.

You can determine for yourself if Vedic City officials have a case by viewing the maps and photos of the site on our site.Click here for the 2011 Boundry and Annexation Survey file Click here for the Vedic City 911 Street map